Lucy Heff

"Tu me bebes 

e eu me converto na tua sede. 
Meus lábios mordem, 
meus dentes beijam, 
minha pele te veste 
e ficas ainda mais despida. 
Pudesse eu ser tu 
E em tua saudade ser a minha própria espera. 
Mas eu deito-me em teu leito 
Quando apenas queria dormir em ti.”


Mia Couto, O amor, meu amor.

witchybaybea asked: Do you know if people have copied your tattoo, I love the story, but I would feel guilty about taking it.

Hi! I don’t know if anyone has copied it, but I think it would be pretty cool actually if someone else out there had the same one as I have.


She changed my life when I was 5 and made everything clear for the first time. I was no longer confused, just curious

The Little Mermaid {Den lille havfrue}
“Why have not we an immortal soul?” asked the little mermaid mournfully; “I would give gladly all the hundreds of years that I have to live, to be a human being only for one day, and to have the hope of knowing the happiness of that glorious world above the stars.”“You must not think of that,” said the old woman; “we feel ourselves to be much happier and much better off than human beings.”“So I shall die,” said the little mermaid, “and as the foam of the sea I shall be driven about never again to hear the music of the waves, or to see the pretty flowers nor the red sun.”
Black glitter. <3

Is there no way out of the mind?

— Sylvia Plath
Me, my life, right now.